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Departure :  6:00:00 am    Return  :  11:00:00Pm

Rate Chart

Bus type:- 45 Seater Volvo Coach [ AC ]
Category Aug 2016  To Jul 2017 ,
Adult Rs. 1000.00
Child Rs. 1000.00

Daily Dep. 6.00 Am Arr. 11.30 Pm Friday Closed
Rate :- Volvo Rs. 1000/- per person
Palace covered :- Taj Mahal Red fort Mathura (Birth Place of Lord Krishna) Vrindavan
Fare Include :- Bus and Guide only

Agra-Mathura:- Agra and Mathura are the two important tourist attraction center of India where thousands of tourists visit every year. Both the places have great religious and historical background. At these places one can find people following different religions and ancient monuments that show great history of India. In addition, Mathura is the place, which is also considered as birth place of Lord Krishna and thus, it is one of pilgrim center for Hindu devotees. Let us talk about main attracts of Agra and Mathura, which makes these places favored destination of tourist across the world.

Agra - Mathura - Vrindavan Tour

Daily 16 Hours Tour (Dep. from 6.00 AM
                                                                                                                         Volvo Rs. 1000/- per person



Dep 6.00 AM

Break fast at Yamuna Expressway Arr. 08.30 AM Dep. 9.00 AM

Agra Fort

Arr. 11.30 Noon

Dep. 12.30 PM


Arr. 12.30 PM

Dep. 01.30 PM

Lunch Break 01.30 PM Dep. 02.30 PM

Taj Mahal

Arr. 02.30 PM

Dep. 04.00 PM


By Pass



Arr. 06.00 PM

Dep. 06.45 PM


Arr. 07.15 PM

Dep. 08.15 PM

Dinner Break at Yamuna Expressway Arr. 09.00 PM Dep. 10.00 PM


Arr. 11.30 PM


Place Covered

Agra Fort is yet another magnificent architecture of Mughal era. The fort was constructed under the rule of Akbar the greatest ruler of Mughal Dynasty. The whole fort represents the greatest creative work of Mughal Dynasty. The fort is constructed by using red sandstone. The fort has got unusual charm that attracts tourists towards it. Now the Agra Fort has certification of World Heritage. Different corners of the fort have varied importance as it was office of Akbar during his rule. Your visit of at Agra cannot be said complete if miss to visit the Agra Fort.

Taj Mahal is most wonderful monument in the world. It was built by famous Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaj Mahal. To construct this marvelous structure it took 20 years and almost 20 thousand workers were involved in its construction. The monument is made of white marble that looks awesome in day as well as night light. Taj Mahal is at the southern bank of Yamuna River and you can view its beauty even by sitting at the boat. The place is always remains crowded with tourists coming from different corners of the world. Even when you watch this mega structure from inside you can find fine art and sculptures engraved in the walls of Taj Mahal. Most of the decoration work at monument is done by using colorful stones. Every aspect of the monument is constructed by taking care of royal treatment that Shah Jahan wanted to present to his wife. Thus, your trip at Agra is nothing if you have not visited Taj Mahal.

Kesava Deo Temple is sacred place of Hindu devotees. The temple is at Mathura the place, which is according to Hindu mythology considered at birth place of Lord Krishna. Kesava Deo Temple is the temple of Lord Kishna where one can find huge crowd. The temple one of the oldest temples in India and it has gone through many renovations during rule of different dynasties and rulers. However, if we talk about the temple it can be seen it is in good condition and during festive seasons it decorated heavily. Tourists following different religions also visit the temple to see its beauty.

Shri Banke Bihari Temple is sited at Mathura a famous pilgrim of Hindu devotees. The temple was constructed during Mughal Dynasty by Swami Hari Das. One can find best architectural work at the temple. Tourists coming to Mathura visit the temple to worship the sacred images of god and goddesses. You can find divine power at the temple, which will purify your body and soul. Here during festive season many tourists come to view the beauty of the temple as it is decorated by lights, colors, flowers, and other things. The temple is very famous among tourists coming to India from different corners of the world because of its spirituality. Thus, you can find yourself living in the land of god and goddess at Mathura.

Red Fort was built by Shah Jahan when he wanted to make Delhi as the capital of his empire. The monument was constructed within short period of time of eight years. It is the first monument of Delhi made of red sandstone. It represents great architectural excellence of ancient time. Now at this fort every year on 15th August Indian Prime Minister host the national flag for celebrating Independence Day.

India Gate: It is place that constructed during British rule in the honor soldiers who have sacrificed their life in Afghan and 1st World War. India Gate is surrounded by large garden and the Raj Path here. At this place every year on Republic Day a grand parade is organized, which attracts several tourists